• Bark House® premium designer panels

    White and yellow birch & Weymouth pine

Designer laminated panels with real bark surfaces

Various international studies show that the inclusion of nature in the form of wood in rooms (such as for floors, walls and furniture) doesn’t just create an agreeable atmosphere. It also improves the indoor climate and increases people’s well-being.

Bark House® premium designer panels

Laminate wall panels with natural bark surfaces

As a relatively new natural product for your room design, we’d like to introduce you to the premium designer panels offered by our partner BARK HOUSE®. The bark, with its wonderfully earthy, woody fragrance, is painstakingly removed from the wood by hand before being carefully attached to panels. The bark is dried and insect free.

The panels’ precise edges mean they are relatively simple to install. The materials may be used in both commercial and domestic settings. Let the natural material lift you and fill your rooms with a feeling of comfort and cosiness.

Achieve styles ranging from the rustic to the modern.

White birch

Wall finishes of white birch bark create an atmosphere of charm and elegance in any room. The bark is chalky white with occasional black calluses and black flaky patches. The material animates rooms with a Nordic clarity. Its colour promotes the diffusion of light, brightening up internal spaces.

Golden (yellow) birch

Yellow birch exudes an intimate golden bronze glow with a delightfully whimsical tattered texture. When used to dress walls, the natural texture gives buildings a sense of depth and creates a 3D illusion.

Weymouth pine

The reddish-brown bark of the Weymouth pine with its occasional speckles of green lichen and small knots gives walls a particularly luxurious and elegant appearance. The leathery look lends rooms a pleasantly warm and cosy atmosphere.

Product information

Bark House® designer panels

Bark laminate sheets in various designs, cut precisely to size
Panels up to max. 1.22 m wide and 3.66 m long
White birch, yellow birch, Weymouth pine
Wall and ceiling designs, room dividing, furniture and object construction
Example applications
Shopfitting, wellness and relaxing rooms, restaurants and cafés, conference rooms, office and living space design, hotel design
Approx. 8 mm to 10 mm incl. backboard
Approx. 3.9 kg per m²
Fire resistance
Nail or screw
Approx. 10–14 weeks (not stocked)

Please note: this material is a natural product and may feature minor cracks and abrasions. These are not an indication of any lack of quality.

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