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A facade is a building’s skin

A facade needs to protect the interior space from extreme weather conditions such as rain, frost, storm, heat and cold as well as representing the company and the people who live and work within it. Freund materials are not only used indoors but are also suitable for designing unique and captivating facades, for example in the form of long-lasting and recycled aluminium and natural facades.

Facades made of recycled aluminium

Using our AlusionTM stabilised aluminium foam requires less energy than for comparable aluminium composite panels. The AlusionTM surface has a unique texture, reminiscent of lava. The individual sheets have been specially developed for exterior and interior applications.

Facades made of BARK HOUSE® Premium poplar tree bark

The bark of a tree protects it from the effects of weathering. It is, from an architectural point of view, the natural corollary to a classical facade. The structure of a tree’s bark combines functionality, materiality and the aesthetic. Use our bark to turn your house into a tree house, creating a unique experience of nature.

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Manufacture & sustainability

We only use real mosses and plants for our green wall units. Our poplar bark panels are Cradle to Cradle certified™ by our partner Bark House. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do from the beginning of production.

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