• Evergreen Moss Flex

    Natural reindeer moss on a flexible base for your moss walls

Completely flexible moss wall panels on rep underlay

Perfect for installing your moss wall on surfaces with a significant curve: evergreen natural moss on a flexible exhibition-carpet backing.

Evergreen Moss Flex

Real reindeer moss for moss walls - fast & flexible

Evergreen Moss Flex by Freund GmbH is our most flexible product, enabling you to realise your own moss wall or moss pictures for your room design. As with our Evergreen product, natural reindeer moss (also known as reindeer moss) is carefully cleaned before being treated using our tried-and-tested preservation process and dyed.

We then mount and secure the individual moss heads by hand in our moss manufactory to highly flexible REP carpet panels. Each of these panels is individually packed and is then available as a warehoused item at short notice. With this product, you have a choice of two colours: moss green and apple green.

Why Evergreen Moss Flex? This moss product is perfect for you if your room design involves interior greening and needs to be realised quickly. However, the key advantage of these moss carpets for rapid self-installation is the great flexibility of the backing material. Thanks to the REP mount, the product is exceptionally easy to cut to size and install around sharp corners and round walls ‑ whatever the particular challenges of your project’s physical situation.

Stapling the individual moss sections to a wood substrate is effortless. Alternatively, you can screw or glue the natural material to the rounded walls or pillars you want to clad.

Evergreen Moss Flex overview:

  • 100% natural moss
  • Natural, with no upkeep required
  • Maintenance-free alternative to vertical gardens
  • No light, watering or feeding necessary subject to recommended humidity of 40% to 60%
  • Standard format 380 mm x 580 mm per panel
  • Ideal for rounded or curved moss surfaces due to the highly flexible underlay
  • Available quickly* (when in stock)
  • Easy to mount
  • Units can be combined to build a moss wall or moss wall as desired
  • Up to 90% sound absorbent

Does your project design involve installing moss on the ceiling? For this, we’d recommend our EVERGREEN MOSS PREMIUM product, which features moss double-secured to the backboard.

Evergreen Moss Flex – colours

Our Evergreen Flex moss wall product is available in 2 colours.

Would you like a Freund moss wall in another colour? Then maybe our Evergreen Moss Premium product would suit your fit-out project.

Product information

Evergreen Moss Flex

Real moss bonded to highly flexible textile underlay, easy to secure
380 mm x 580 mm per panel (warehoused, available individually)
Moss green and apple green
2D and 3D installations possible
Wall cladding, pillar cladding, room dividing, furniture and object construction
Example applications
Office and living space design, exhibitions, hotels and shopfitting, wellness and quiet rooms, gastronomy, reception and conference rooms
Construction: approx. 40mm to 50 mm moss layer on 4-mm-thick REP carpet
Approx. 6.5 kg to 8 kg per m² (moss incl. textile carrier)
Fire resistent
Up to 90% sound absorbent
Individual sheets may be screwed or glued onto the wall’s existing structure either directly or using boards. The sheets can also optionally be mounted in frames.
Approx. 1–2 weeks

Moss - facts and benefits

Echtes Moos, 100 % natürlichen Ursprungs100%Natural moss
Mooswände produziert in Deutschland - Made in Germany Made inGermany
Moos als akustisch wirksames MaterialAcousticallyeffective
Mooswände komplett pflegefreiNoupkeep
Keine WartungNomaintenance
Mooswände ohne FolgekostenNo ongoingcosts
Einfach zu installierenSimple installation
Keine BewässerungNowatering


from the Freund GmbH Moss Manufactory

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Architects, interior designers and planners have been relying on our innovative materials for over 40 years. They know how high the quality of our products is. We’re proud of the many projects we’ve successfully completed.

Manufacture & sustainability

We only use real mosses and plants for our green wall units. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do from the beginning of production.

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