• Evergreen Moss Premium

    Individual moss walls and moss pictures made of reindeer moss

Premium moss walls for greening indoor spaces - permanently green

Just seeing this little piece of nature in a room will make you want to reach out and touch it and experience the unique feel of the natural moss on your skin.

Evergreen Premium

100% natural moss double-secured to perfect-fit backboards

Evergreen Premium moss pictures and moss walls are made of cleaned, specially preserved and partially dyed Iceland moss (also known as reindeer moss). The preservation process, developed ‑ and continuously improved ‑ by Freund, gives the individual heads of moss a flexible texture, keeping the natural material permanently soft and green.

After the preservation process, the moss pictures and walls are double-secured by hand to perfect-fit (MDF) backboards in our moss manufactory, individually packed and delivered directly to your project.

The evergreen moss panels are ideal for creatively greening walls in offices, restaurants and hotel spaces as well as for exhibition stands or private homes. They require no light, watering or feed and, subject to the recommended atmospheric humidity of 40‑60%, remain fresh long-term with no need for upkeep. The moss pictures and walls have a calming effect on people and, since they absorb up to 90% of sound, make a significant positive contribution to room acoustics.

Evergreen Moss Premium, overview:

  • 100% natural moss
  • Available in 29 colours
  • Natural. Unique. No upkeep.
  • No light, watering or feeding required
  • Moss panels are easy to install
  • 90% sound-absorbing
  • Natural indicator of atmospheric humidity
  • Standard sizes and tailored solutions
  • Moss frames and fixing rails on request

Evergreen Premium – Colours

The reindeer moss is available in a total of 29 different colours

Please click for more information on our moss colours (PDF-Document)

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Product information

Evergreen Moss Premium

Real reindeer moss secured on a backboard, double-bonded
Cut precisely to size, maximum section size 1000 x 600 mm for cost-effective transport, custom dimensions on request
Standard colours: moss green, apple green, forest green and 11 additional optional colours
2D and 3D installations possible
Wall and ceiling designs, room dividing, furniture and object construction
Example applications
Office and living space design, exhibitions, hotels and shopfitting, wellness and relaxation rooms, gastronomy, reception and conference rooms
Top layer: 40 mm to 50 mm Evergreen Premium Moss on 10 mm black MDF backboard
Approx. 10 kg to 12 kg per m² (moss incl. MDF backboard)
Fire resistent
Standard: B2B1 certified panels on request, standard: B2
Up to 90% sound absorbent
Can be self-mounted with the aid of our fixing rails and frame system. Individual sheets may be screwed onto the wall’s existing structure either directly or using boards
Approx. 4–6 weeks


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Moss - facts and benefits

Echtes Moos, 100 % natürlichen Ursprungs100%Natural moss
Mooswände produziert in Deutschland - Made in Germany Made inGermany
Moos als akustisch wirksames MaterialAcousticallyeffective
Mooswände komplett pflegefreiNoupkeep
Keine WartungNomaintenance
Mooswände ohne FolgekostenNo ongoingcosts
Einfach zu installierenSimple installation
Keine BewässerungNowatering


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Architects, interior designers and planners have been relying on our innovative materials for over 35 years. They know how high the quality of our products is. We’re proud of the many projects we’ve successfully completed.

Manufacture & sustainability

We only use real mosses and plants for our green wall units. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do from the beginning of production.

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