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GENCORK: Cork, like you've never seen it before.

GENCORK cork panels combine sustainability with innovation and outstanding acoustic benefits with unique aesthetics. Proudly produced in Portugal, GENCORK's generative cork panels can be found in hotels, restaurants, offices and public spaces around the world.

This creative and disruptive system not nly optimizes cork's thermal and acoustic properties, but also adds artistic value to traditional walls.

The manufacturing process of GENCORK panels is 100% ecological. It is only used cork of the branches (falca) for the manufacture of cork granules. These are block clusters in an autoclave, a process that’s 100% natural, without the use of additives. This technology, developed by Sofalca, consists of injecting water vapor through pellets that will expand and agglomerate with the resin of the cork itself. This "cooking" also gives the resulting cork a dark color, like chocolate. During the production of the steam, biomass is used, which is obtained in milling and cleaning the falca, and that’s what makes it a truly ecological production and without waste, with a 95% energy self-sufficiency. This super-material, cork, offers a huge range of advantages, because, in addition to being an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and as well as antivibration, it’s also a CO2 sink, playing a key role in the environment.

The digital process is one of the most important elements of GENCORK´s DNA. Adopting computational design strategies, the brand explores algorithmic scripts inspired by nature, as well as mathematics, geometry, and biomimetics, through parametric systems. With this process, it’s now possible to produce a huge range of different variations of a pattern,
adapting it to any size or form.

GENCORK panels overview

  • Made in Portugal
  • 100% natural, ecological, 100% recyclable
  • 95% energy self-sufficient production
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Water, and weather resistant
  • Digital fabrication - CNC milling machine
  • Highly sound-absorbing 

GENCORK cork panel designs

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Product information

GENCORK cork panels

CNC-milled designer cork panels in various designs and sizes
Various, depending on design
• Corkpatterns
• Corkmorphs
• Corktiles
• Corkbricks
• Corkwalls
​​​​​​​• Corkitechs
Wall and ceiling design, facades, furniture and object manufacture
Example applications
Hotel design, conferences, exhibition design, shopfitting, wellness and relaxation rooms, restaurants and cafés, conference rooms, office and living space design
various, depending on design
various, depending on design
Fire resistance
Highly sound absorbent
Gluing or screwing onto carrier (wood, plasterboard), please see installation manual
Delivery time

ca. 4 - 6 weeks (not stored)

Note: The material is a natural product where slight abrasions and cracks may occur and do not indicate a quality defect.

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