• Birch bark

    Wall pictures and wall cladding of birch bark

Birch bark: wall panels for that scandinavian feeling

Natural elements in a space have a positive impact on human health, helping us find room to breathe amidst the noise, stress, bad air and constant interruptions of our everyday lives. Whether you’re using it as natural artwork to create contrast or for wholescale wall cladding, our birch bark, also known as birch leather, has a uniquely calming effect.

The hallmark of birch is its slender, delicate frame robed in the white of its bark. Among trees, this chalky covering is unique. Birch bark, with its characteristic surface and supple leathery pliable nature, has been beloved by craftspeople for centuries. In traditional craftsmanship, birch’s renewable skin – natural birch bark – has been worked with for centuries. In many ancient cultures, birch is a healing tree, said to have a range of health benefits.

The birch bark is attached to a backboard to enable its properties to be used in modern room designs. For this, the surface is carefully removed and combined with ply to produce 480 mm x 480 mm sheets. For framed solutions, we recommend an MDF backboard which can also be grooved on request for mounting with a separate loose tongue bit.

The panels can be installed flush to one another and relatively easily mounted to a substrate using mounting adhesive and screws. This ease of mounting makes the product perfect for cladding large wall surfaces. However, the natural material is also excellent installed as smaller framed pictures to provide an eye-catching highlight in interior rooms.

The panels’ simple white texture and cool Nordic character are perfect for modern office designs as well as being highly popular for spa facilities and hotel fit-outs.

With our NATURE birch bark, you’re getting a piece of pure nature, produced to the highest possible standards of quality with years of experience and with the greatest respect for nature.

Birch bark, overview:

  • Real European birch bark
  • Standard size: 480 x 480 mm, custom sizes on request
  • For use with or without frames
  • Perfect for wall or ceiling cladding, also available as pillar cladding (on request)
  • Combines well visually with moss elements
  • Suitable for use to provide accents in furniture construction

Additional bark products for natural wall cladding can be found in our NATURE range.

Product information

Birch bark for walls and ceilings or as wall art

Real birch bark glued to multiplex backboard
480 x 480 mm (custom sizes on request)
Interior walls or furniture construction
Example applications
Wellness and relaxation rooms, hotel design, restaurants and cafés, reception and conference rooms, offices and living space design
10 mm to 20 mm incl. backboard
Approx. 2.3 kg per sheet
Fire resistance
Limited sound absorbency
Screw in
Approx. 1–3 weeks*

This material is a natural product: no two panels are the same. The product may also feature minor cracks and abrasions which are not an indication of any deficit in quality.


*when in stock

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