• Wall of leaves

    Velvety soft wall designs made from preserved plant leaves

Wall of leaves

Soft velvety leaves for pictures or wall decorations
to experience the haptic sensation with natural materials

The princess flower, which originates from the southern hemispheres, gave us the inspiration for a new arrangement of the leaves.
The individual tree elements include bark, moss and leaves. By dissolving and rearranging them onto the wall, new creations inspired by nature emerge which stand for boldness and optimism. 

Haptic materials such as wood, bark, moss and leaves contrast with flat black screens and polished materials. 
We are becoming more aware of our surroundings again and choosing to use so-called hero materials. 
Belonging things that are a part of us and our stories remind us, bring thoughts to light and give us the feeling of freedom in nature.  

Thanks to their fluffy surface, the leaves seem almost like flattering velvet. This creates a feeling of comfort and cocooning for the person entering the room, touched by the softness of the leaves' surface. 

Authentic design embracing the viewer like a protective cloak of leaves. 


Wall of leaves - Choose your design

Princess green

Green stands for hope, growth and naturalness. Green walls let creativity bubble, have a soothing effect on our soul and inspire us to new ideas every morning.
Fresh ideas emerge and our health blossoms.

Whether generously installed on a wall in a hotel or framed in a cosy living room: the soft green leaves are definitely something special in any space.

Deep black

With leaf walls in a rich black colour, you are able to achieve sceneries full of grace, strength and a touch of luxury. Set accents of pure darkness in contrast to colourful room elements, or support the noble character of your brand across the entire surface. A black leaf wall in your project without any doubt conveys a high level of exclusivity and indescribable quality.

Purple red

Highlighted walls covered with red velvet leaves inspire a feeling of energy and passion. 

Used complementary with princess green leaves or combined with deep black leaves within the space: The result is a sensuality that gets our blood pumping and ignites the fire of life to new heights.

Use red leaf highlights to draw the viewer's eye specifically to room elements that need to be in focus.

Silver grey

Walls and pictures decorated with the leaves in their cool, low-key grey radiate understatement and seriousness, and are therefore perfect as a backdrop or complement to coloured surfaces in business rooms.

Their elegance and neutrality combine to form a restrained beauty that is an ideal, unobtrusive wall accessory for rooms and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Its character is reminiscent of mist over snowy mountains or silvery glittering grasses at dawn.

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