• Moss letters & moss logos

    Say it with moss – personalised and creative

Your message as a green moss picture

Everything from A to Z: lettering and logos made of reindeer moss, hilly or forest moss as a natural extension of your corporate design, fashioned as a moss wall.

Lettering and corporate design motifs made of natural moss: alongside our classic moss walls and moss pictures, we’re increasingly producing lettering and logos from real moss in our Freund moss manufactory.

We give you a range of options for moss artwork in the form of letters, logos, writing and other visual motifs (such as moss world maps): by using different moss colours, we’re able to produce moss motifs according to your plans, integrating lettering or logo elements into one moss surface using differently coloured moss.

But we’re also able to manufacture free-standing moss letters and logo motifs, both with moss edging, as well as in the form of CNC-machined material mounts that we secure the moss onto, for example. Both versions require specific minimum line widths and cap heights. We’d be happy to advise you on this before providing a quotation.

Alternatively, you can use spacers to mount separate lettering and word-picture combinations in front of a moss wall. These can be manufactured from acrylic, aluminium, wood or stainless steel, for example. Here, we work together with experienced advertising production partners, providing you with specialist support in realising your solution and in data preparation.

Moss letters & moss logos, overview:

  • 100% natural moss
  • Natural, with no upkeep required
  • No light, watering or feeding required subject to recommended humidity of 40% to 60%
  • B1 fire resistance on request
  • Individual letters and logos integrated as motifs into a moss wall or raised

Evergreen Premium – Colours


Logos, letters and motifs made of reindeer moss can be manufactured in a total of 29 different colours. Alternatively, moss letters and logos can also be made of Greenhill Moss Premium or Greenwood Moss.

More information on our moss colours.

Product information

Moss letters & moss logos


Version A: 
Real reindeer moss, hilly moss or forest moss bonded to free-standing, individual, machined backboards, with moss edging on request

Version B:
Moss bonded to protruding machined plastic units

Version C:
Real reindeer moss integrated into the same moss of a different colour ‑ elements together form one continuous surface

Version D:
Logo of brushed acrylic, wood, aluminium or stainless steel (optionally back-lit depending on size) in front of main moss wall

Custom sized following consultation. Important: depending on the version, it may only be possible to reproduce individual details up to a minimum size of 3 cm. Get in touch with us for advice.
Following consultation
Free-form shapes
As per customer request and consultation: before issuing any quotation, we will check the feasibility of the graphic or lettering in your preferred moss for letter height, line thickness and details, since the moss requires specific minimum dimensions of elements due to its natural form.
Wall and ceiling designs, room dividing, furniture and object construction
Example applications
Office and living space design, exhibitions, hotels and shopfitting, wellness and quiet rooms, gastronomy, reception and conference rooms
Fire resistence
On request
Up to 90% sound absorbent depending on finish and motif
Varies by version
Approx. 4–6 weeks


Interested in this product for your project?

Echtes Moos, 100 % natürlichen Ursprungs100%Natural moss
Mooswände produziert in Deutschland - Made in Germany Made inGermany
Moos als akustisch wirksames MaterialAcousticallyeffective
Mooswände komplett pflegefreiNoupkeep
Keine WartungNomaintenance
Mooswände ohne FolgekostenNo ongoingcosts
Einfach zu installierenSimple installation
Keine BewässerungNowatering

Case studies

Architects, interior designers and planners have been relying on our innovative materials for over 40 years. They know how high the quality of our products is. We’re proud of the many projects we’ve successfully completed.

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