• Moss objects and custom moss shapes

Moss balls & rooms dividers made of moss and more

(Practically) nothing is impossible: harness the functional acoustic properties of our moss products for your green room design.

Moss balls, room dividers and more:

Functional acoustic moss objects for your space

Moss-covered room objects can be an interesting addition to two-dimensional moss walls. At the Freund moss manufactory, we’re able to dress a range of shapes such as spheres, cubes, tables or pillars by hand with a surface of preserved moss.

Our moss balls, for example, are really popular and can be hung from the ceiling by metal wires, subject to room properties. As standard, they’re made of preserved, maintenance-free reindeer moss (Evergreen Moss Premium). But the moss balls are also alternatively available with a natural surface of Greenhill Moss. They are always individually produced on customer request, with the choice of a range of different diameters.

Other objects, whether to provide visual separation between working areas or to improve acoustics in large offices, include desk dividers and even mobile moss walls as moss room dividers.

Freund moss objects in detail:

  • 100% natural moss
  • Natural, with no upkeep required
  • Sound absorbent
  • No light, watering or feeding required subject to recommended humidity of 40% to 60%
  • B1 fire resistance on request
  • Moss balls standard size: diameter 30 cm to 50 cm
  • Room dividers standard size:
    100 cm x 150 cm (supplied with castors on request)
  • Desk divider standard size: 160 cm x 40 cm

Moss - facts and benefits

Echtes Moos, 100 % natürlichen Ursprungs100%Natural moss
Mooswände produziert in Deutschland - Made in Germany Made inGermany
Moos als akustisch wirksames MaterialAcousticallyeffective
Mooswände komplett pflegefreiNoupkeep
Keine WartungNomaintenance
Mooswände ohne FolgekostenNo ongoingcosts
Einfach zu installierenSimple installation
Keine BewässerungNowatering

Case studies

Architects, interior designers and planners have been relying on our innovative materials for over 40 years. They know how high the quality of our products is. We’re proud of the many projects we’ve successfully completed.

Manufacture & sustainability

We only use real mosses and plants for our green wall units. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do from the beginning of production.

Additional products

from Freund GmbH

Let us inspire you: Our GREEN product line includes a wide range of additional maintenance-free moss alternatives to a plant wall – all suited to your project. They all have one thing in common: thanks to their maintenance-free nature, their long lasting stability, their easy installation, the fact that they do not require any further care and their cost advantage, they are a real alternative to a living plant wall.