• Cork bark standard

    Cork bark for wall decoration

Decorative & lightweight: natural bark panels from cork oaks

Cork is a renewable material with several beneficial properties. Cork tree bark standards texture, with its raw charm, is not only highly decorative, it also excels in other important regards when it comes to contemporary interior design.

Our NATURE range demonstrates just how decorative cork bark can be as wall cladding. Natural cork bark has a rough and contrast-rich surface texture revealing how the tree has been marked by the effects of the natural elements over time. Sealing wine bottles is just one of cork’s many uses as a natural material. It’s also used for shoe soles, bags, flooring, coasters, pinboards and more.The regenerative cork oak bark we use comes from the western Mediterranean, where it is carefully removed from the trees during the cork harvest. The harvest takes place every year between May and August. These months are the best period of the tree’s growth phase for removing its bark without injuring the wood. The average cork oak can live to around 200 years.

Cork bark’s popularity as a natural material is due above all to its low weight and ease of installation onto a wall. Its raw organic character in natural colours varying from light to dark brown creates a brilliant contrast with clean, uncluttered designs. At the same time, cork bark fosters a pleasant indoor climate, while absorbing sound and heat.

Our cork bark panels measure 600 x 900 mm (w x l), with a thickness of approx. 25 to 30 mm.

Freund cork bark is also ideal for use as a natural wall picture in a room, set for example in an aluminium frame.


  • Natural cork bark
  • Regenerative material
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Good insulator – stops cold and noise
  • Available in 600 x 900 mm sheets
  • For use with or without frame
  • Perfect for combining with Evergreen Premium


Additional bark products for natural wall cladding can be found in our NATURE range.

Product information

Cork bark standard

Young cork tree bark bonded to cork backboards
Standard size w x h ‑ 600 mm x 900 mm
Wall cladding, pillar cladding, furniture and object construction (interior)
Example applications
Office and living space design, exhibitions and shopfitting, wellness and quiet rooms, gastronomy and hotels, reception and conference rooms
Thickness 25 mm to 30 mm incl. thin cork backing
Approx. 3.4 kg per sheet
Fire resistance
Sound absorbent
Glue or screw
Approx. 1–3 weeks*

This material is a natural product: no two panels are the same. The product may also feature minor cracks and abrasions which are not an indication of any deficit in quality.


*when in stock  

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