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Getting new ideas going takes courage. New ideas for sustainable materials for interior design need to be convincing to customers. Common materials such as glass, concrete and wood all have properties and finishes that clients are familiar with. They have abrasion, fire safety and acoustics certificates to prove it. But new materials tend to be approached by clients more tentatively. They ask about acoustic values, fire resistance standards, abrasion, durability and what products look like.

This is where it’s our job as material innovators to test material, and to convince architects, clients and installers of the properties of the natural materials – by carrying out expert testing so there are reports and certificates in place for our products, regarding fire resistance or acoustic properties for example.

It’s not enough for materials to be new. They need to inspire confidence and evoke surprise long-term. Our sustainable materials inspire confidence because we have ensured the necessary certifications for them (for fire resistance and acoustics). They evoke surprise because their natural design integrates with your design in the most creative way possible, providing variety and opportunities to combine them with other stunning materials from our spectrum of products.

The designs and ideas come from our customers – architects, designers and installers – or from us. Producing and arranging the moss wall or moss logo itself is something we take on with our team of creatives. As the customer, you have the option here, notwithstanding our guidelines, of working together with us and playing a part in the finishing process. We’d be pleased to discuss parameters with you in more depth.

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Looking for a green highlight for your event or exhibition stand? Moss room dividers, mobile premium picture walls made of green moss, square and round moss pictures or ceiling-mounted functional acoustic moss balls – these are just some of your options. We’d love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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Architects, interior designers and planners have been relying on our innovative materials for over 35 years. They know how high the quality of our products is. We’re proud of the many projects we’ve successfully completed.

Manufacture & sustainability

We only use real mosses and plants for our green wall units. Our poplar bark panels are Cradle to Cradle certified™ by our partner Bark House. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do from the beginning of production.

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