• Larch bark

    Wall design with real bark from the larch tree

Solid nature for your walls

As human beings, we’re increasingly seeking to re-establish the connection to nature we’ve all but lost amidst our hectic urban lifestyles. As with wood elements in rooms in general, larch bark wall cladding, too, has a calming effect on us.

Ancient faith and traditions once held larch to be a “holy tree”. And even in modernity, it was thought to provide protection from evils such as witches or fire. Larch wood has long been a popular material for housebuilding, not only in mountain regions. Its high resin content makes it particularly wind and water-resistant. For this reason, it is also frequently used as roof shingle.

The bark of the European larch is favoured for its particular effect in interior design. The bark, up to 100 mm thick, has an earthy reddish-brownish character and is punctuated by deep furrows.

Carefully removed from trees destined for furniture and housebuilding use and mounted on plywood, the bark’s unique appearance creates a distinctive impression. Used like this, it gives rooms with a clean linear design a natural counterpoint in the warmth and radiance of the untreated surfaces. This creates an exceptionally calming effect with a natural, woody scent.

This makes it particularly popular for designing rustic hotel and retreat facilities, but it can of course also be used as an eye-catching premium feature in private homes. In each case, visitors are sure to be amazed by its character.

Larch bark, overview:

  • Real European larch bark
  • Standard size 2500 mm x 1250 mm
  • Ideal for use as wall or ceiling cladding
  • Also suitable for furniture construction

Additional bark products for natural wall cladding can be found in our NATURE range.

Product information

Larch bark for walls and ceilings or as artwork

Natural larch bonded to MDF backboard
1250 x 2500 mm
Interior walls and furniture construction
Example applications
Wellness and relaxation rooms, hotel design, restaurants and cafés, reception and conference rooms, offices and living space design
Approx. 30 mm to 45 mm incl. backboard
Approx. 29 kg to 31 kg per m²
Fire resistance
Limited sound absorbency
Nail or screw
Approx. 1–2 weeks*

This material is a natural product and may feature minor cracks and abrasions. These are not an indication of any lack of quality.

 *when in stock

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