• Green Natural Moss

Where interior and nature form a unit

Moss in its pure natural colour

For Freund GmbH, the key to an inspiring and sustainable working environment lies in direct contact with nature. As the office cannot simply be moved outside, we as material specialists bring it inside. We see ourselves as a mediator between people and nature. Utilising the power of nature to create a more productive and satisfying working atmosphere opens up new paths to a sustainable corporate culture. AESTHETICS, FUNCTIONALITY and SUSTAINABILITY are interlinked in a special way at Freund and have already been implemented in the modern office concepts of renowned companies.

Natural moss as it grows in the forests.
Iceland moss grows naturally in the Scandinavian and Baltic forests and naturally has an ochre or whitish colour. Only in the further processing steps are green tones and other soft coloured mosses created through conservation and natural colouring. Natural-coloured mosses from our Green Natural range have a great natural look and feel and can be perfectly combined with our bark products. We see many possible combinations with other natural materials, colours and wallpapers.

Showing moss in its pure natural colour and integrating it into rooms with bark and natural materials and tones to create oases of well-being is something we feel a need for and we see it as a clear trend in architecture - promoting sustainability and ensuring transparent paths.

Breaking new ground means keeping nature in mind
Natural moss from Freund GmbH can also be used as a flexible acoustic solution. Thanks to its large surface area, the moss breaks up or absorbs sound at the point of origin. With moss panels, sound absorption of up to 90 per cent can even be achieved. Seat boxes - covered with real moss - enable undisturbed telephone calls or video calls. Handcrafted shapes such as spheres, cubes, tables or pillars, whose surfaces are covered with preserved moss, help to improve room acoustics and also enhance the appearance of the room.
Natural mosses can also be used as a natural indicator to determine the air humidity: Low humidity (below 35 per cent) favours virus transmission. In rooms with low humidity, the moss loses its natural moisture and becomes dry. The natural product regenerates with increasing humidity.