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Are you a service company in the field of planning, design, (interior) architecture or a craft service provider in the field of interior design and creative interior design? Would you like to incorporate a moss wall or other natural materials into your wall design? Convince yourself of your idea and the many possible applications with our informative documents and selected material samples from Freund GmbH.

Order our sample box  for presentation purposes to your customers.
The cost is €35.00 incl. VAT plus shipping costs.
(Click the button to open a new browser window to the Freund greenliving Onlineshop)

By the way: If you place an order incorporating our products, be sure to notify your contact person at Freund GmbH beforehand and let us know the number of your invoice so that your sample box can be offset by a credit note in the final project order invoice.

Inhalt der Freund Musterbox

Freund catalogue 
with information on all Freund materials (DIN A4, 200 pages)

Freund GREEN brochure
with information about our moss walls and plant walls (DIN A4, 60 pages)

Freund greenliving brochure
with an product overview of our online shop (DIN A5, 32 pages)

Samples GREEN:

  • Evergreen Moss (apple green, moss green, forest green)
  • Greenhill Moss
  • Greenwood Moss

Samples NATURE:

  • Poplar bark
  • Cork bark standard
  • Birch bark

  • GENCORK by Sofalca
  • Leather

Samples of ALUSION™ are not included with our standard sample box, but are available on request. Are you interested in another Freund material that is not included in the standard version of our sample box? Please send us an e-mail.