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Green walls of maintenance-free Greenwood forest moss with added moss mounds, preserved leaves, grasses and plants.

Freund’s natural moss walls and plants walls come in a range of styles: Greenwood Moss Jungle, for example, lets you create a lush plant wall for interior rooms that doesn’t require light, water, feed or specialist maintenance   a significant benefit. If your interior design ideas envisage a simpler solution, we can use our GREENWOOD forest moss as a base to put together a moss wall with a woody aesthetic (compare Greenwood Extra Plus, for example).

Freund moss walls are made of 100% real moss and plants. They’re produced by hand in Germany and are equally suited for vertical wall greening or installation on the ceiling or floor.

Choose from four options, each with a base of preserved forest moss. By progressively adding GREENHILL cushion moss mounds, preserved grasses and plants, you can create anything from a unique woodland texture right through to a wild jungle aesthetic depending on variety and density. Demand for Greenwood Moss Jungle & More moss and plant walls isn’t only growing for office and workplace interior projects.

Our maintenance-free products are also great as green walls in canteens, eye-catching features in the gastronomy sector, soothing natural elements in elegant spa and hotel facilities, little oases in shopping centres or stand highlights and visitor magnets at exhibitions. Get in touch with us for advice on how our green maintenance-free design solutions can be integrated into your own plans.

With the help of our in-house floristry team, who’ll help to develop your project ideas, you can put together one-of-a-kind moss and plant wall creations that will give you or your client joy for years to come. We look forward to hearing from you.

Greenwood moss and plant walls, overview:

Just seeing this little piece of nature in a room will make you want to reach out and touch it to experience the unique feel of the natural moss on your skin.

Greenwood Moss Extra moss wall

Functionally acoustic moss walls and pictures in Greenwood Moss Extra have a base of real low-grown forest moss. Adding individual moss mounds (max. approx. 1/4 of the surface per m2) produces a different texture that is more strongly reminiscent of forest floors. B1 available on request.

Greenwood Moss Extra Plus moss wall

Our next level of density, Greenwood Moss Extra Plus, also shares a base of real low-grown forest moss. We then add cushion moss and ferns to create more of a forest-floor aesthetic. Alternatively, you can also increase the number of Greenhill Moss mounds.

Greenwood Moss Forest plant wall

For plant walls and pictures with a more lushly planted appearance, we recommend this product: Greenwood Moss Forest. This style is achieve by adding cushion moss, ferns, grasses and one more kind of preserved plant (in consultation with the customer).

Greenwood Moss Jungle plant wall


Greenwood Moss Jungle gives you the lushest planted aesthetic. We add ferns, grasses and up to four additional varieties of preserved plant to the forest moss base to produce vivid green designs for walls, ceilings and floors with a wild jungle look.

Product information

Moss walls and plant walls Greenwood Jungle & more

Real forest moss (Greenwood) with a selection of added Greenhill moss mounds and grasses, ferns and plant leaves (depending on style)
Cut precisely to size, maximum section size 1000 x 600 mm for cost-effective transport, custom dimensions on request
    • Moss wall GREENWOOD EXTRA
    • Plant wall GREENWOOD JUNGLE 
Wall and ceiling design, pillar cladding, floor design
Example applications
Office and living space design, exhibitions and shopfitting, wellness and quiet rooms, gastronomy and hotels, reception and conference rooms
As per design
As per design
Fire resistance
As option for Greenwood Moss Extra only
Partially sound absorbent
Self-mounting is possible with the aid of our fixing rails and frame system. Individual sheets may however also be screwed onto the wall’s existing structure either directly or using boards
Approx. 5‑6 weeks


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Moss - facts and benefits

Echtes Moos, 100 % natürlichen Ursprungs100%Natural moss
Mooswände produziert in Deutschland - Made in Germany Made inGermany
Moos als akustisch wirksames MaterialAcousticallyeffective
Mooswände komplett pflegefreiNoupkeep
Keine WartungNomaintenance
Mooswände ohne FolgekostenNo ongoingcosts
Einfach zu installierenSimple installation
Keine BewässerungNowatering

Case studies

Architects, interior designers and planners have been relying on our innovative materials for over 40 years. They know how high the quality of our products is. We’re proud of the many projects we’ve successfully completed.


from the Freund GmbH Moss Manufactory

In addition to our most popular kind of moss wall – a vertical garden on your wall – at Freund within GREEN we have a range of other brilliant examples of how this natural product can be incorporated into the design of your rooms.