• Companions tree sculptures

    Peter Wagensonner’s unique wood artwork

One-of-a-kind wood sculptures and wood objects

Working with Peter Wagensonner is deeply enriching for us and we are delighted to be able to introduce you to his works.

Companions tree sculptures

Peter Wagensonner’s unique wood artwork

Peter Wagensonner’s preferred material for his work is wood in its original virgin form – trees which provide him with inspiration for sculptures and objects, which he then develops, creating stunning works of art. At Freund GmbH, where our work is devoted to the power and radiance of natural materials in room design, we see our partnership with Peter Wagensonner as hugely enriching. We’re delighted to be able to introduce you to his works.

With Companions (“Die Gefährten”), Ruhstorf artist Peter Wagensonner has created an entire forest of wood sculptures. Using massive tree trunks, he shapes sculptures which are both monumental and yet mobile. To do this, he hollows out the trees (a process which often takes months), full of respect for their individual histories and thus makes them moveable.

For him, the creative process is an engagement with the cycle of life, of our own individual vulnerability. He develops a real relationship with “his” trees, trees which come from waste wood from sawmills or furniture makers.

Peter Wagensonner’s sculptures and in particular the hollowed-out trunks show in their shape and form and what has happened to them: in which years the tree in question was able to quietly grow strong, in which years it was wounded and what external forces shaped it.

These shapes are laid bare by the artist, showing the powerful character of the tree, emphasising the distinctive and sometimes dominant scars that, like the journey of a human life, have formed an individual.


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