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Green eye-catcher instead of just a technical cabinet: The moss copybox in the DEPOT office

The so-called copybox was developed in collaboration with schöne räume ai GmbH, Frankfurt am Main for the offices of Gries Deco (a DEPOT holding). The brief was for an office solution which not only concealed the grey office printers decoratively, but at the same time provided a green element to introduce some variety into the modern interior design. The Evergreen Moss Premium cladding of preserved apple-green Iceland moss creates a refreshing contrast to the cool steel and glass of the loft office. In addition to the moss installation’s decorative effect, office staff benefit from improved room acoustics. This is because the moss wall material’s large surface area is sound-absorbing.

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Dimensions:79.72 m² Evergreen Premium, colour: apple green
Customer:Christoph Klug - Holz&Öko Schreinerei + Zimmererei
Project:Copybox DEPOT
Design:schöne räume ai GmbH, Frankfurt a. M.
Photos:Oliver Tamagnini