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"New work" oasis: Green moss walls for Londons WeWork

WeWork’s offices at 1 Waterhouse Square in London’s Camden district sit in a building with history. With architectural features such as the richly ornamented Gothic archway leading to a sunny brick courtyard and ornate bay windows, the old water storage facility at the metropolis’s heart is reminiscent of the era of British author Charles Dickens. But inside the co-working space, the vibrant atmosphere is more like that of a modern start-up.

In the building’s high, light and airy inner courtyard, WeWorkers meet for small-scale business meetings, brainstorming or simply a coffee break. … Sorry, tea break. In Evergreen Premium moss, the project’s architects found an ideal material for not only making this meeting space visually cosier, but at the same time tangibly improving the acoustics. One hundred and fifty square metres of real moss green-coloured moss have been installed here as wall cladding.

Planning requirements here imposed significant restrictions. It was essential for project realisation that the Premium moss panels were produced according to B1 standards as a composite, accompanied of course by the relevant fire-retardant certification.

We produce tailored moss pictures or moss walls in our moss manufactory for greening your object according to customer requests.

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Dimensions:88.77 m² Evergreen Premium, colour: moss green
Customer:Innerspace LTD
Project:We Work Offices London
Photos:Corrine Noel Photography
Special features:B1 variant (fire-retardant)