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Moss ball tree for permanent exhibition FertighausWelt Günzburg

Nina Freund provided artistic direction to realise FertighausWelt Günzburg’s idea for a 5-metre-high moss “tree” in the reception hall. We first installed a core for the tree, clad with natural bark to create the trunk. For the spreading crown, itself 5 metres wide, we hung 70 metal cables from the roof. To each of these, we attached up to 10 moss balls of three different sizes. The moss balls were designed and manufactured to be exceptionally light to allow such a large number to be attached to each steel wire and suspended from the ceiling. The positioning of every single moss ball was planned by Nina Freund in collaboration with a designer.

By using such a large number of moss spheres, we were able to create a significant surface area of moss, perfect for sound absorption. “The high ceiling combined with our design enabled us to suspend a large number of square metres of moss, a considerable advantage for the room acoustics in this busy entrance area. We’re proud of how beautifully and seamlessly this unusual plan came together,” commented Nina Freund.

The exhibition, organised by the Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau (BDF), has been one of housebuilding’s most successful locations since October 2016. FertighausWelt Günzburg welcomed approximatively 51,000 visitors in its first year of opening.

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Customer:Fertigbau Informationsdienst GmbH (FID)
Project:Fertighauswelt Günzburg opening
Design:Freund GmbH
Special features:Tree installation with 732 moss balls and natural cork bark