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Rostock shopping centre with green moss details

For Rostocker Hof, the client was looking for suitable cladding for the lift shaft. The solution was identified as custom triangular moss panels each 1.5 metres high. These were custom-produced in moss green Evergreen Premium reindeer moss in our moss manufactory, with the edges also covered in natural moss. In situ, the evergreen surfaces produce a fantastic pattern on the glass surrounding the lift, breaking up the cool of the steel and glass. The shopping centre’s lift tower is now the hall’s most eye-catching feature.

We produce tailored moss pictures or moss walls in our moss manufactory for greening your object according to customer requests.

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Dimensions:22.8 m² Evergreen Premium, colour: moss green
Customer:MP - Bau- und Projektmanagement Wentorf
Project:Einkaufscenter Rostocker Hof
Design:MP - Bau- und Projektmanagement Wentorf
Photos:MP - Bau- und Projektmanagement Wentorf
Special features:43 triangles