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Moss walls at Munich Airport satellite 2 – fire-resistance included

The Terminal 2 satellite terminal at Munich Airport is architecturally designed for high energy-efficiency. To highlight this in the terminal’s interior design, the client opted for a “green wall design” in the form of natural moss walls with green messages (such as “bright daylight”, “energy efficiency” or “green climate”).

A total of eight motifs were created from Evergreen Moss Premium apple green and moss green according to customer specifications. These wall pictures now replace the former metal cassette cladding on three terminal floors with waiting areas.

Particular attention was paid during this large-scale project, carried out in collaboration with Casa Castello, to the fire-resistance requirements for the moss walls (B1 fire-retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1 or DIN 4102). For the eight different motifs, the natural moss was double-secured to perfectly-sized cement-bonded particle boards (A2), each measuring 9,600 mm x 1,600 mm.

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Dimensions:102.74 m² (total, 8 sections)
Customer:Casa Castello
Project:Munich Airport
Design:Eva Demmelhuber Architekten
Photos:Diether Kinzel / Trick17
Special features:Fire-resistant as composite