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Evergreen FUNKE editorial department: office pillars with real moss

Large empty warehouse floors have character and a certain flair. But if you convert them into office space, the acoustics and fire safety aspects need to be taken into consideration, too.

As many as 15 load-bearing pillars stretch across the empty spaces of these floors. They are perfect for cladding with functionally acoustic material such as our Evergreen Premium moss. Our perfectly sized hand-produced preserved moss sheets for interior spaces are excellent for cladding pillars like these. Funke Mediengruppe themselves had the idea of using these otherwise unutilized surfaces to improve the space, creating a pleasant office atmosphere for their staff, both visually as well as acoustically.

We produce tailored moss pictures or moss walls in our moss manufactory for greening your object according to customer requests. Submit your enquiry to us!

Dimensions:22.90 m² Evergreen Premium, colour: moss green
Customer:FUNKE Digital GmbH
Project:Funke Mediengruppe editing rooms
Design:CPM Gesellschaft von Architekten
Photos:Andreas Schwarz
Special features:Moss cladding for four pillars