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Green Clinton European headquarters: room dividers & world map made of mossos

For Clinton, Freund GmbH provided an oasis of green. The new-build factory building in Berlin Hoppegarten had high-ceilinged halls and roomy office spaces. Before the fit-out, it was echoey and somewhat lacking in cosiness. As well as a natural plant wall, our also team produced an outsize cushion moss picture on the ground floor, the loft-style meeting point. On the first floor, maintenance-free reindeer moss was used to create a seating area with moss room dividers. A moss picture in the form of a world map made of Evergreen Premium punctures the cool industrial feel with a fresh green, creating a friendly working atmosphere for staff.

We produce tailored moss pictures or moss walls in our moss manufactory for greening your object according to customer requests.

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Customer:CLINTON Großhandels-GmbH
Project:Clinton European headquarters
Photos:Andreas Schwarz
Special features:World map: 4500 mm x 2500 mm