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Fluid green: moss installation at the Wrocław water museum

For the exhibition at the Water Museum, the planners created a breathtaking synergy of mirror surfaces and moss surfaces made of Evergreen Premium Moss, designed according to specifications, which together simulated the flow of a river. Staged with special green-blue light effects, the perfect illusion of living water was created for the exhibition visitors.

This greenery object shows: Moss installations can be produced in the moss factory in almost any shape. Provided a certain minimum thickness (depending on the type of moss), moss logos, slogans or orientation systems can be made from the natural material.

We’re happy to create unique moss walls for your project, too, in accordance with your own dimensions and client wishes.

We look forward to your enquiry.

Dimensions:120 m², colour: moss green
Customer:Deko-bau Sp. GmbH
Project:Wrocław water museum
Photos:Freund GmbH
Special features:Moss custom shape, B1 fire-retardant