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Green vision: real moss walls for Leidmann Flagship store

Stephanie Thatenhorst and Kirsten Scholz have transformed the former Neva club into the flagship store for the Munich-based Leidmann brand of glasses. Sumptuous gold has been replaced by the fresh green tones of an Evergreen Premium moss wall, framed by a combination of warm oak and modern exposed concrete; instead of bar stools and a dance floor there are now workbenches and matching Prouvé lamps.
Natural moss walls by Freund are perfect for fitting out retail stores. The walls add a touch of nature to spaces, helping to foster a pleasant and calming shopping experience. Their large surface area also makes them functionally acoustic. Installing them is easy and once they are in place they do not require any light, water or other care at all – a significant benefit compared with original vertical gardens using living plants. 

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We produce tailored moss pictures or moss walls in our moss manufactory for greening your object according to customer requests.

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Dimensions:13.8 m² Evergreen Premium, colour: moss green
Customer:Optiker Christian Leidmann GmbH
Project:Leidmann flagship store
Design:Kirstin Scholz und Stephanie Thatenhorst
Photos:Derek Henthorn