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Moss for acoustic improvement in the F.EE canteen

Anywhere lots of people come together, noise levels can quickly rise ‑ especially when clattering cutlery and crockery and the hum of break-time conversations are involved. In the canteen at automation business F.EE in Neunburg vorm Wald, designers opted for a natural solution. Sheets of preserved Iceland moss, Evergreen Moss Premium by Freund, were installed over 36 square metres of a wall surface. This not only produced permanently green moss walls that break up the space visually, the panels also function as huge sound absorbers. 

We produce tailored moss pictures or moss walls in our moss manufactory for greening your object according to customer requests.

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Dimensions:35.82 m² Evergreen Premium, colour: moss green
Customer:Alon Produktions GmbH
Project:F.EE Neunburg Kantine
Design:Alon Produktions GmbH
Photos:Tobias Reitmeier
Special features:B1 – fire retardant