• Magma & Fuji

    Burnt and charred wooden boards

Burnt wood as wall cladding – timeless and sophisticated

For interior and exterior use: wood walls with traditional burnt wooden boards for rooms and buildings with a rustic ambiance.

Wood has been heat-treated for various purposes for thousands of years. The Japanese tradition of yakisugi, used for our Magma product, gives wooden surfaces a sophisticated charred character. The wood is charred and oiled not only to preserve it, protect it from damp and vermin and above all make it more resistant for exterior use, the process also simultaneously gives the wood a unique, sophisticated character.

Our special treatment gives the different types of wood we use for Magma a homogeneous appearance. The black wood is then finished with oils, waxes or varnishes. Particularly effective contrasts can be produced by juxtaposing the fresh green of our GREEN moss wall products.

Fuji is a further development to our range of preserved woods. These wooden panels are flamed by hand to differing degrees, producing fascinating variations of colour reminiscent of naturally sunburnt boards. Our four-metre-long Fuji boards are burnt, brushed and oiled, and are available in finished sizes of 146 mm or 176 mm (for face sizes, subtract 6 mm respectively) and are 19 mm thick. Our Fuji product is less intensely flamed and can be used, just like Magma, both outdoors as well as for creating cosy interiors.

MAGMA & FUJI, overview:

  • Burnt wood
  • Heat-preserved
  • Varying degrees of flaming intensity
  • For interior and exterior use

Product information

Magma & Fuji burnt wood

Magma: larch wood, deep-burned, brushed, oiled (other woods on request)
Fuji: larch wood, burned, brushed and oiled
Standard 140 x 3000 mm (0.42 m²) or 140 x 1000 (0.14 m2), custom sizes and cuts on request,
Boards: preserved larch wood with double tongue-in-groove joint, surface sealed and clear varnished

Standard: 176 x 3000 mm (0.51 m²)
Boards: preserved larch wood with tongue-in-groove joint, surface sealed and clear varnished
Magma: black, deep burned
Fuji: alternating flamed appearance (natural/charred black)
Wall and ceiling design, room dividing, furniture construction
Example applications
Facades, living space design, exhibitions, hotels and shopfitting, gastronomy, reception and conference rooms
3-ply panel approx. 20 mm to 25 mm, boards approx. 24 mm
Approx. 6 kg to 7 kg per m²
Fire resistance
Screw, or rail-mounting system
Approx. 2–3 weeks

Sealing method depends on location for use. This material is a natural product: no two panels are the same. The product may also feature minor cracks and abrasions which are not an indication of any deficit in quality.

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