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Postbank corporate design as moss wall motif

For the Postbank Bonn staff rooms, they chose a green moss wall to provide natural acoustics management. The key area of concern was integrating the logo, a strong identifier with high recognition. We’ve developed our own method for incorporating logos, shapes and designs into our Premium moss wall products by using at least one additional colour.

There are very few limits to what you can achieve this way. It enables us to produce skylines, lettering and imprints out of moss. Alternatively, you have the option of incorporating logos of any size into your moss wall. Your corporate design can include, for example, elements of your logo mounted in acrylic, metal or wood in front of your moss wall. In the present example, we incorporated a moss green motif into a base of apple green Evergreen Premium at the customer’s request.

We’re happy to create unique moss walls for your project, too, in accordance with your own dimensions and client wishes.

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Dimensions:17,23 m² EVERGREEN PREMIUM, colours: moss green and apple green mixed
Customer:Postbank Bonn
Project:Postbank Bonn
Photos:Andreas Schwarz
Special features:Postbank logo integration